Lifetime Achievement Award


From: Loop News
November 16, 2015

Chef Edey was the toast of the town over the weekend at the Roberts NIFCA Culinary Arts Arena and Marketplace when he received a NIFCA lifetime Achievement award for his contribution to Barbados’ culinary sector.

CEO of the National Cultural Foundation, Cranston Browne, speaking about Edey’s brain child, The Best Bajan Cook Competition,  indicated, “Chef Edey proposed the idea of exposing the unsung heroes in kitchens across our island. He wanted to expose the talents of those men and women whose expertise and training come from within their homes – with techniques passed down across generations and recognised and celebrated in the context of NIFCA.”

Emcee Jewel Forde, and former colleague of Peter Edey, in recounting Edey’s track record, noted,  “Chef Edey believes in sharing his knowledge and giving back to his community.”

She highlighted his appearances on several TV and radio shows, such as NBC’s Today Show, and his triumphs such as defeating 40 chefs in a competition called “You Are The Chef”  for CARICOM Day at the World Expo in China.

An elated Edey told audience members, “It is over 30 years that I’ve enjoyed doing this and I tell people all the time – I don’t feel like I’ve worked a day in my life as yet and I always say: ‘The day I start to work you will know… ‘cause it’s the last day you’ll see me.’ When it becomes a job – that’s the end of it.”

After receiving his award, carved in the shape of a mortar and pestle, from the Minister of Culture, Stephen Lashley, Edey went straight to the next round of activities at the NIFCA Culinary Arts Showcase.